This offer is no longer valid, however cloudPWR is committed to offering modern, secure and affordable solutions for agencies of all sizes. Contact us today to explore options

At cloudPWR, we’re committed to doing our part to help ensure all agencies can access the digital tools that ensure scalability, security and increased productivity during these challenging times.

As government agencies continue with a freeze on hiring or purchases over $5,000, we know public records officers are searching for an affordable solution with no hidden costs that provides competitive pricing regardless of agency size, number of public forms or volume of requests. We are now offering our trusted and proven public records management platform for an all-inclusive fee of $4,995 for an annual subscription­– up to 50% off regular prices. This offer is valid for smaller agencies and city municipalities that typically handle fewer than 20 public records requests per month. 

cloudPWR’s AIRLIFT platform is a cloud-based, SaaS solution that can be accessed seamlessly across all devices and on all modern web browsers. There are no hidden fees for data storage and the one-time setup and training fees have also been waived, saving you an additional $1,750. All that is needed to begin using AIRLIFT is a connection to the internet and a modern web browser such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Firefox. With no software to install, an all-inclusive low price that includes a new redaction tool as well as a support team willing to go the extra mile, we are taking the risk out of implementing AIRLIFT.

Now more than ever, cloudPWR is proud to call Washington State home and we are grateful for the rewarding relationships we’ve built with our 100+ government agency customers here. We’d love to be your trusted partner for secure public records management. Email us at to learn more or schedule a demo.