I have always enjoyed teaching to help inspire others to achieve success. As a parent I often talk to my own children about performing chores, schoolwork, and sports with ‘purpose’. If you’re going to be doing something you should embrace why and how it will benefit you, then act with purpose to the best of your ability.

This summer we decided to start a summer internship program. Our goal is to expose each student to a variety of business processes, technology tools, and business trends. I want them to use this knowledge to think about a career after college, purposely charting a path forward and seeing their bright futures. The enthusiasm they have shown so far is really exciting; each week that passes they are learning how setting goals, working as a team, and getting outside a comfort zone allows them to ‘level-up’ and take on new  – and sometimes difficult – challenges in stride.

We are in the midst of a massive generational workforce and technology shift. 10,000 Boomers reach retirement age everyday, and many of them are leaving the traditional workforce to start businesses for the first time. They often find that traditional technology used for running a business is very expensive, and some companies may make the mistake of buying servers and software they will have to manage and upgrade constantly. Luckily today’s entrepreneurs have a clean slate, and if they are smart, they can avoid this unnecessary overhead. The cloud provides numerous options that are much less expensive for managing finance, HR, marketing, point-of-sales, and customer service.

For existing business that are still using traditional on-premise hardware, software, and paper-based processes it will be much harder to remain competitive in the future. Our intern team is reaching out to many of these longstanding businesses in Tacoma and Pierce County to share how theytoo, can find a better path forward. This path will allow them to reduce costs, remain competitive, and be better positioned to attract the next great workforce.

If you are a local business or know of someone that is interested in learning more please reach out to us #FutureOfWork https://cloudpwr.com/contact 

Not everyone enjoys working from their browser. For a lot of people, the desktop is their preferred place to work and where they feel most comfortable. That’s why network shares are a thing and why Box Sync was originally created. But as technology changes and work gets more complex, shares and syncs can’t always keep up, leading to some big challenges. Things like: Continue

Gone are the days of spending hundreds of thousands of tax payer dollars on outdated, legacy ECM software and hardware. Reservations are now being accepted for BoxWorks 2018 in San Francisco August 29-30. Together with Box we are offering a Records Management bundle that includes airfare, hotel and registration for a single attendee. To be eligible agencies must purchase 50+ seats of Governance (Records Management) and Consulting – $8,450 before June 15.

What is BoxWorks?

BoxWorks brings together leaders from across the technology sector and every industry to define the future of the digital-first company. Join industry leaders like Microsoft, IBM and Okta who are shaping how organizations work today and will work in the future. There’s no better opportunity to explore new technologies while creating stronger ties with your public sector peers from around the country. Continue

cloudPWR is excited to officialy announce our partnership with AWS.

We’ve been building our AIRLIFT platform since its inception on AWS servers and couldn’t be happier.

AIRLIFT is architected and managed as a platform to meet the security requirements of government. We provide solutions for electronic signature, public records and content services integration.

Partner with us on your next cloud application.

Many IT organizations today find that existing legacy systems lack the flexibility, scalability, control, and insights needed to keep data protected and users productive. That is the reason that Box is launching a brand-new Admin Insights Dashboard and enhanced retention policies. Continue

Join the AIRLIFT team at Boxworks

BoxWorks is the annual Box event of the season where you can meet everyone, from Box executives, Box product experts, our top customers, industry-leading thought leaders, and thousands of your peers. And you should be there too!

BoxWorks 2018 is on August 29-30 in San Francisco


In the past, Box has been honored to have speakers such as Tim Cook (Apple, CEO) to Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson (Director, Hayden Planetarium). BoxWorks is held in the heart of San Francisco during the fall. We would love to have you join our thriving BoxWorks community! Save the date for BoxWorks 2018.

There’s no better opportunity to explore new technologies while creating stronger ties with your peers. Click here for more information on BoxWorks.

Please reach out to us if you’re interested in going. We’d love to see you there and might be able to get you tickets!

This release contains a bug fix for Connect.

  • Bugfix: An error in the default Connect create screen prevented selecting a form to send. Accounts using custom envelope creation were not affected.

This release has an enhancement for AIRLIFT Register custom pages. You can now use JavaScript Service Workers to perform event driven tasks in your application.

  • Improvement: User management via the API. User management tasks can now be completed via the API. This allows for more streamlined interfaces for user management in Respond and other use case specific applications.
  • Bugfix: Some Box API calls failed due to being “chunk” encoded.

Did you know you can use Box to display important documents for your constituents right on your website and easily manage them without needing to contact your webmaster every time a PDF gets updated? Continue

This release has an enhancement for AIRLIFT Register custom pages. You can now use JavaScript Service Workers to perform event driven tasks in your application.

  • Improvement: AIRLIFT Register custom pages can now use Service Workers to provide event driven functionality.

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