I have always enjoyed teaching to help inspire others to achieve success. As a parent I often talk to my own children about performing chores, schoolwork, and sports with ‘purpose’. If you’re going to be doing something you should embrace why and how it will benefit you, then act with purpose to the best of your ability.

This summer we decided to start a summer internship program. Our goal is to expose each student to a variety of business processes, technology tools, and business trends. I want them to use this knowledge to think about a career after college, purposely charting a path forward and seeing their bright futures. The enthusiasm they have shown so far is really exciting; each week that passes they are learning how setting goals, working as a team, and getting outside a comfort zone allows them to ‘level-up’ and take on new  – and sometimes difficult – challenges in stride.

We are in the midst of a massive generational workforce and technology shift. 10,000 Boomers reach retirement age everyday, and many of them are leaving the traditional workforce to start businesses for the first time. They often find that traditional technology used for running a business is very expensive, and some companies may make the mistake of buying servers and software they will have to manage and upgrade constantly. Luckily today’s entrepreneurs have a clean slate, and if they are smart, they can avoid this unnecessary overhead. The cloud provides numerous options that are much less expensive for managing finance, HR, marketing, point-of-sales, and customer service.

For existing business that are still using traditional on-premise hardware, software, and paper-based processes it will be much harder to remain competitive in the future. Our intern team is reaching out to many of these longstanding businesses in Tacoma and Pierce County to share how theytoo, can find a better path forward. This path will allow them to reduce costs, remain competitive, and be better positioned to attract the next great workforce.

If you are a local business or know of someone that is interested in learning more please reach out to us #FutureOfWork https://cloudpwr.com/contact 

cloudPWR is excited to officialy announce our partnership with AWS.

We’ve been building our AIRLIFT platform since its inception on AWS servers and couldn’t be happier.

AIRLIFT is architected and managed as a platform to meet the security requirements of government. We provide solutions for electronic signature, public records and content services integration.

Partner with us on your next cloud application.

cloudPWR is excited to announce that, since its launch this last August, hundreds of parents and dozens of case workers and teachers from all over the United States have been using MyLifePlan on AIRLIFT.


It was my turn to make something awesome.

Earlier this year I got my feet wet by working on the Person-centered Planning Guide for the Arc of Washington, as well as dabbling a bit in cloudPWR’s latest product, Respond. Working on these projects with the guidance of our development team was an opportunity that really propelled my skills in not only working with the AIRLIFT platform, but also as an aspiring senior developer. Continue

A person-centered planning guide for people with developmental disabilities and families planning for their loved ones at every stage of life. The app is rebuild from the ground up and now even easier to use. Continue

We are pleased to invite all our customers to an informative webinar featuring Scott Bream, Washington State Office of Cybersecurity and moderated by Ken Moyle of K6 Partners on July 11, 2017 at 11am PT.

Register Here


State and local entities are looking for new ways to engage citizens and provide value through digital channels. Yet they face challenges that are different from those faced by private industry. What are the best practices for rolling out electronic signatures? Can a policy help? Our panel will help you avoid common mistakes and provide guidance for a smoother transition to digital government.


  • Scott Bream – Washington State Office of CyberSecurity
  • Jenti Vandertuig – Chief Procurement Officer, County of Santa Clara, California
  • Howard Hill – Information Technology Manager, County of Alameda, California
  • Dominic Namnath – Tri-Counties Regional Center
  • Moderator: Ken Moyle, K6 Partners


We have been making updates to our website over the last couple of months focusing on the many ways customers are using AIRLIFT Software as a Service. As more customers deploy solutions on our platform we will share those stories with you on our site and social feeds.

  • Connect – State Colleges revolutionize the application process and improve student services.
  • Register – Medically endorsed dispensaries register authorized patients and create secure medical ID cards.
  • Respond – FOIA and Public Records Act compliance software made contemporary and simple.

Additionally this summer we will be releasing a plethora of exciting features and integrations so stay tuned to our Release Notes.

A thriving local startup economy is being featured in a brand new website. You will find news, information and events that feature local companies, people and trends that are helping to shape the local tech scene in the South Sound.

Tacoma and the surrounding communities in Pierce County are home to a vibrant ecosystem of software, biotech and cybersecurity firms.

Learn more by visiting Startup253

We are excited to announce our sponsorship of the 2017 MetroParks Hackathon scheduled April 14th and 15th in Tacoma, WA. If your interested in attending, sponsoring or helping to mentor teams please visit MetroParks Star Center for all the details.

Q: What is a Hackathon?
A: An event focused on computer programming that is typically held over a 2-day period. Teams are formed to create code with the goal of solving a specific problem in a unique way.

You can help to identify new, innovative and fun ways to connect people to parks and open spaces. We’re looking for ideas and solutions from energetic, imaginative people. Come to the event to brainstorm, build a mobile app or an interactive map, craft an amazing game, visualize our operations data in ways we’ve never imagined, meet amazing people and most importantly have fun doing something to benefit the community.

Great ideas will be considered for further development.


We’re delighted to have been featured in this month ‘Business Matters’ show published by the City of Tacoma.

Our founder Shadrach White talks with host of the show Mike Wark about business, entrepreneurship, technology, and life in Tacoma, Washington. Enjoy! Continue

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