Everett Community College

Student services provides the entire spectrum of application, financial aid, housing, transcript requests, and many other transactionally oriented forms used to collect process information. Everett Community College has greatly improved the process for students and reduced the processing time associated with document handling and key data entry.

After implementing a campus-wide document management solution in 2015, the IT Department began working closely with the student services department to reduce the volume of paper records that required handling, document scanning, and key data entry. To do this they leveraged their existing Adobe Forms and Electronic signature software to begin building a library of forms that could be searched and completed by students using a web browser or mobile device.

To accomplish the goal of managing the documents from cradle to grave, we integrated cloudPWR’s AIRLIFT platform to provide a seamless and secure connection from their website to their document management repository. In the month of operation, with only a handful of forms automated, the student services department calculated a process savings of 40 hours per week. During enrollment periods this has a big impact in reducing the costs associated with large volumes of paperwork that must be processed in a relatively short period of time.