We have been making updates to our website over the last couple of months focusing on the many ways customers are using AIRLIFT Software as a Service. As more customers deploy solutions on our platform we will share those stories with you on our site and social feeds.

  • Connect – State Colleges revolutionize the application process and improve student services.
  • Register – Medically endorsed dispensaries register authorized patients and create secure medical ID cards.
  • Respond – FOIA and Public Records Act compliance software made contemporary and simple.

Additionally this summer we will be releasing a plethora of exciting features and integrations so stay tuned to our Release Notes.

A thriving local startup economy is being featured in a brand new website. You will find news, information and events that feature local companies, people and trends that are helping to shape the local tech scene in the South Sound.

Tacoma and the surrounding communities in Pierce County are home to a vibrant ecosystem of software, biotech and cybersecurity firms.

Learn more by visiting Startup253

A couple of weeks ago we had our junior development team participate in a local Hackathon, sponsored by Tacoma’s Metro Parks. We love getting a change to leave our office walls behind every now and then, get to know new people and expose ourselves to different technology, other data sets and sink our teeth in a challenge that help our community grow and prosper.

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We are excited to announce our sponsorship of the 2017 MetroParks Hackathon scheduled April 14th and 15th in Tacoma, WA. If your interested in attending, sponsoring or helping to mentor teams please visit MetroParks Star Center for all the details.

Q: What is a Hackathon?
A: An event focused on computer programming that is typically held over a 2-day period. Teams are formed to create code with the goal of solving a specific problem in a unique way.

You can help to identify new, innovative and fun ways to connect people to parks and open spaces. We’re looking for ideas and solutions from energetic, imaginative people. Come to the event to brainstorm, build a mobile app or an interactive map, craft an amazing game, visualize our operations data in ways we’ve never imagined, meet amazing people and most importantly have fun doing something to benefit the community.

Great ideas will be considered for further development.

This release has a bug fix:

  • Corrected and error where sending notifications to a large number (>50) recipients would fail.

This release has a bugfix

  • Bugfix: When saving records for child forms using the default form entry method the parent record id was not properly populated. Users utilizing custom pages were not affected.

Seeking local opportunities in the technology field?
You should plan to attend this exciting conference being held March 3rd, 2017 on the beautiful campus of University of Washington – Tacoma. Be sure to join our local panel of technology leaders following the luncheon Keynote.

  • Panel Chair – Andrew Fry
  • Guy Reim -CEO Adaptive Energy NDT Solutions
  • Even Brubaker – Co-Founder/CEO Accumula
  • Shadrach White – CEO/Founder cloudPWR
  • Jared Potter – Co Founder RedQuarry
  • Linda Rix – CEO Avue Technology

These dynamic leaders will share why they chose Tacoma, the challenges they face and how they plan to grow and thrive over the next five years. As an attendee you will have a chance to ask questions directly to the panel in this interactive session.

The conference includes topics that cover Hiring and Recruitment of Tech Workers Machine Learning, the Internet of Things, Robotics, Augmented Reality and Cybersecurity.

Registration is required at www.tacoma.uw.edu/sst $20 includes buffet lunch $25 if you would like to help sponsor a student to attend $10 Students with valid student ID.

This release contains bugfixes.

  • Bugfix: There was an error generated when trying to create an Adobe Esign widget after a recent library upgrade.
  • Bugfix: Under a specific set of conditions it was possible for a notification triggered by a Workflow Path to be delivered twice.

This release contains an improvement to sending notifications on notification channels and bugfixes

  • Improvement: There is now a dedicated endpoint for triggering notifications on a notification channel. POSTing a proper configuration to this endpoint will trigger the configured notification channel.
  • Bugfix: Querying users by their last login time was not working correctly in all cases.

This release contains an improvement to workflow admin permissions

  • Improvement: users with the workflow admin permission can now read data from the formrecordusers api endpoint.

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