This release introduces a new feature to AIRLIFT: form users. For certain business processes user records both allow users to access workflows but also are data elements for your application. Using form users you can allow users from outside of your organization to signup and login using an AIRLIFT form. This provides you with an easy way to apply groups and access controls to these users for your specific workflows with out having to make them account level users.

  • FEATURE: AIRLIFT Workflow Form Users

This release has several bug fixes and improvements

  • Improvement: Number fields are now available. These take advantage of HTML5 number field formatting.
  • Improvement: The id of the user that created a record is now available in the record details.
  • Bugfix: Searching for checkbox field failed. Improved the ability to search boolean fields via the API.

This release has a bug fix:

  • Corrected and error where sending notifications to a large number (>50) recipients would fail.

This release has a bugfix

  • Bugfix: When saving records for child forms using the default form entry method the parent record id was not properly populated. Users utilizing custom pages were not affected.

This release contains bugfixes.

  • Bugfix: There was an error generated when trying to create an Adobe Esign widget after a recent library upgrade.
  • Bugfix: Under a specific set of conditions it was possible for a notification triggered by a Workflow Path to be delivered twice.

This release contains an improvement to sending notifications on notification channels and bugfixes

  • Improvement: There is now a dedicated endpoint for triggering notifications on a notification channel. POSTing a proper configuration to this endpoint will trigger the configured notification channel.
  • Bugfix: Querying users by their last login time was not working correctly in all cases.

This release contains an improvement to workflow admin permissions

  • Improvement: users with the workflow admin permission can now read data from the formrecordusers api endpoint.

This release contains several bugfixes and improvements

  • Improvement: The csv output of AIRLIFT user data in an account was improved to include more fields
  • Bugfix: The library used for handling support requests inside of AIRLIFT was updated with several bugfixes and dependency version updates.


This release features tracking the last login time of users.

  • Feature: The login time of users is now tracked so that time since a user’s last login can be tracked.


This release contains bugfixes and new API features.
  • Improvement: Added the ability to query boolean (checkbox) form fields via the API
  • Bugfix: Fixed a bug where Workflow Path Steps could be run more than once given a specific configuration of the Workflow Path and user executing the Step.

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