We are excited to announce our sponsorship of the 2017 MetroParks Hackathon scheduled April 14th and 15th in Tacoma, WA. If your interested in attending, sponsoring or helping to mentor teams please visit MetroParks Star Center for all the details.

Q: What is a Hackathon?
A: An event focused on computer programming that is typically held over a 2-day period. Teams are formed to create code with the goal of solving a specific problem in a unique way.

You can help to identify new, innovative and fun ways to connect people to parks and open spaces. We’re looking for ideas and solutions from energetic, imaginative people. Come to the event to brainstorm, build a mobile app or an interactive map, craft an amazing game, visualize our operations data in ways we’ve never imagined, meet amazing people and most importantly have fun doing something to benefit the community.

Great ideas will be considered for further development.


We’re delighted to have been featured in this month ‘Business Matters’ show published by the City of Tacoma.

Our founder Shadrach White talks with host of the show Mike Wark about business, entrepreneurship, technology, and life in Tacoma, Washington. Enjoy! Continue

In a study released by Washington State we get a good look, and stark reminder that furnishing public records is expensive and often cumbersome. The freedom of information act affects all public organization, from small towns to large state agencies with thousands of employees. This is important work. Transparency is indispensable to democracy, now more than ever.

Fulfilling public records requests cost Washington’s state and local governments more than $60 million in the most recent year.

That’s a lot of money. An enormous amount of time spent by state employees furnishing requests for a lot of people.

  • For the full performance audit, published in August 2016, by the State Auditors Office click here.
  • For a quick glance, there’s a 2-pager published as well.

Over the last few month our team built a modern, user-friendly, lightweight and secure application that is supposed to help with that.

icon_rdOur app RESPOND ships Q1 2017 and is built on top of our popular software platform AIRLIFT.
We’re excited to share it with you soon.

Are you interested in being the first to use it?

Contact us today.

The web design and development team at cloudPWR is very excited to announce the launch of a brand new website for the Washington State Endowment Trust Fund.

We’ve been working with the Department of Commerce and the Arc of Washington to refresh several of their website properties.
The overarching goal for each project was to bring 21st century design, function, and accessibility while maintaining a clear focus on the content and the ability for the visitor to find what they are looking for very fast. Continue

We recently sat down with the City of Tacoma to share the reasons we decided to relocate and expand our business in Tacoma.

Thanks to Ricardo Noguera and the staff at the Community and Economic Development department for including us as a local software business that is helping to grow the local economy.

This coming Wednesday, August 24th from 5:30-7:30pm at One Pacific in downtown Tacoma, we will be participating in a local event hosted by the City of Tacoma. Participating companies will be sharing the key reasons they decided to locate and build software companies in Tacoma. The event will highlight what we are are doing and will include companies that are building software platforms aimed at the retail store management (Accumula) and wealth management solutions (RedQuarry).


Tacoma has long been known for an economy based largely on transportation, manufacturing, natural resources and private wealth management. More recently the City has been expanding the economic footprint to create opportunities that support the needs of private technology companies, wether its commercial space, well qualified staff or work life balance, you can find it all in Tacoma.

In terms of community we are very pleased with the cost of living, primary education and the consistent growth in entertainment, restaurant and leisure activities. It is a great place to raise families, with so much to do outside of work from the Point Defiance Zoo, Ruston Way Esplanade, Cheney Stadium, Theatre & Arts and much more.

If you are looking for a place to start, build or expand your technology company Tacoma should be on your shortlist.

We are seeing strong momentum as the number of retail stores and certified consultants grows each day to serve the needs of patients throughout Washington State. We want to remind retail store owners, employees and certified consultants that a wealth of information exists on the dedicated support site.

Screenshot 2016-08-17 15.13.23

  • Video Tutorials
  • Step-by-Step guides
  • FAQ’s and links to additional information

Screenshot 2016-08-17 15.12.40

If you need to talk to someone or can’t find what your looking for we have an awesome help desk staff that is available during the hours of 11am – 8pm PDT 7 days a week through September 30, 2016. Beginning October 1st the days will scale back to 5 days a week Monday – Friday.

Also be on the lookout for announcements from Washington State Department of Health about additional features being added periodically. Notice in the screenshot below that buttons are now available for actions to Renew, Replace and Correct cards.

Screenshot 2016-06-27 15.36.27

AirliftSHIRTWe are pleased to announce that the Washington State Department of Health – Medical Marijuana Authorization Database (MMJAD) on AIRLIFT is now live.

For any questions related to the law, policy or patient information please visit http://www.doh.wa.gov/YouandYourFamily/Marijuana/MedicalMarijuana

If you are an authorized retail store you can find user guides and contact technical support by visiting http://airlift.support


Today we are pleased to announce the successful completion of our Service Organization Control (SOC-2) security report and formal type II audit. Moss Adams LLP independently conducted our audit for the period of February 1, 2016 to April 30, 2016.

SOC-Service Org_B_Marks_2c_Web

“The completion of this audit shows our commitment to operational best practices and security. We are proud to have completed this process so that our valued AIRLIFT customers can be assured that we have provided complete transparency of our policies and procedures for our auditors to evaluate, test and compile in our SOC-2 report.”
Shadrach White – Chief Executive Officer

“Information security is always a top concern for businesses using cloud technologies. The completion of our SOC-2 audit gives us a powerful tool to directly address the needs of our customers. It shows the strong, on-going commitment at cloudPWR to the meet the highest levels of security and compliance within all our products and business operations.”
Les Harris, Director – Engineering Services


This release introduces several new features including full editing of form records, adding a new form type for linking records between forms, the ability to “undelete” a user. We have also included bug fixes and other improvements.

The new Linking form type allows you to build relationships between data stored in your form records. This allows you to create more powerful workflow applications. These relationships show up in the detail view of the record allowing you to discover the records that are linked together and easily manage adding and removing relationships as needed.

  • FEATURE: added the ability to edit existing records so that data can be corrected or updated.
  • FEATURE: added a new form type that allows you to link records from one form to another.
  • FEATURE: added the ability to “undelete” a user who had previously been deleted if necessary.
  • Update: disabled password management for users who use a third party login service to access AIRLIFT.
  • Bug Fix: users were unable to update their AIRLIFT password in a specific case.

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